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Thong is the oldest of the Button sisters. She is a demon. Her age is unknown. Thong does swear a bit. 


Thong's mom was not like a proper demon. She was kind, loving and protective. A year later, her mom got married to another demon. They had another child and everything went wrong. Thong was jealous of the new child. She always felt left out. 5 weeks later..her mom dies and so does her new dad. Thong and her sister survived. After 5 weeks, Thong was taking care of her sister. She was acting like "mom and daughter" to her. Thong started to like her sister so they got along in the end. 


Thong's weapon is a gun and a whip. 


Thong has short purple hair, a red unicorn-like horn, yellow and green eyes, a hidden demon tail that is black and red skin.


Thong wears a pink top with no straps, a black mini-skirt, blue nail-varnish and cleats (boots with spikes underneath). 

Sexual orientationEdit

Thong isn't really that much into guys. It appears that she is a lesbian demon who has an interest in horny and beautiful women. 


Thong is spiteful, horny, sly, a bit kind, flirty and persuasive. 


  • Sex
  • Sleeping
  • Drama
  • Horror movies
  • Internet
  • Sneaking up on other people while they're getting changed
  • Pole-dancing
  • Her body
  • Breasts
  • Beautiful girls


  • Guys
  • Boring girls
  • Panty...well, sometimes
  • Children

Favorite foodEdit

  • Steak pie
  • Meat
  • Babies
  • Bacon
  • Beef

Voice actorsEdit


Transforming themeEdit

Kiss the stars by Pixie Lott


"Hey're looking very pretty're hair smells like shampoo"

"FUCK! I forgot my sandwich with baby-flesh inside!"

"You, sir! ...Why are you such a FUCKING IDIOT?!?!"