Sweetpea Domino
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?? (Looks 16)


Babypop Domino (Sister)
Babydoll Domino (Sister)

Sweetpea is the younger sister of Babypop and Babydoll. Her demon counterpart is Wildbrat.




Despite her gentleness, her weapon is a huge hammer called Blissful Boom, but it does have a protection shield. Her weapon is transformed by her two ribbons on her head.


She is dark-skinned, has dark brown eyes, medium sized breasts but not as big as Babypop's or Babydoll's and purple hair in two buns with her yellow ribbons to hold up her hair. Her normal wear is a blue and white stripped shirt with three pink hearts, a blue jeaned skirt, and over-the-knee light blue socks with brown shoes.

For the beach, she wears a full pink swimsuit with frills around her waist. Her swimsuit is not as revealing as her sisters.


She is very sweet, always curious and is always friendly. She is a fangirl for yaoi and bishonen, but it cost her to break her Rependant and she can't enter in to heaven anymore unless she and her sisters and their crew obtain Heaven Coins like Panty and Stocking. She does get nosebleeds when looking at yaoi or bishonen or even shonen-ai or even thinking of yaoi, shonen-ai and bishonen. She is portrayed as the stereotypical friendly, airheaded, good-natured but clumsy person. Like Stocking, she is always around her pet, Candy, a zipper cat. However, when ever Candy gets lost, she gets frantic and flips out and gets a potty mouth. She is a scaredy cat, but she is serious in battle. She giggles or laughs when ever someone says "s***" for some odd reason. She hangs out with Stocking sometimes. She is described as a "Lolicon" by Babydoll and Kimono. She has a crush on Brief, until she found out that he was Panty's number 1000, which made Sweetpea upset in "Sex, Lies and f**ked up breakdowns". However, after Sweetpea was captured by the Inferno gang by their Ghost, the Depresser, Sweetpea still forgave Panty and Brief.


  • Yaoi, Shonen-Ai
  • Bishonen
  • Candy and sweets
  • Her friends and sisters
  • Her pet, Candy


  • If she would have a voice actress, she will be voiced by Michelle Ruff in FUNamation dub.
  • Her transformation theme is "Starships" by Nicki Minaj
  • She is the only "virgin" in the series and of the group.