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Panty is at it again~

Welcome to the Panty & Stocking with garderbelt fanon WikiEdit

If your a fan of this adult anime cartoon then this is the place for you and your Fan Character~

This wiki is JUST for the FANON and Roleplay in relation to the series. So the actual characters, while they may be used in roleplay and character pages, they will not have topics here.

So either begin to look around at the FC's on here, or start making a page. Popular categories will be shown on this page for easier FC finding.

Please read the rules below and spread the word~!


Please keep these in mind when posting.

  1. This wiki is for an Adult oriented anime. So please keep this in mind and if you accidentally stumbled to this page and are against this sort of thing or young of age. Please just leave without making a fuss.
  2. While the anime/cartoon may be adult themed, please do respect your fellow members. Harassment will not be tolerated.
  3. Messing with someone's article without permission is also not allowed. Say your character is named Whip and someone also has a girl named Whip. You cannot go changing her name just to make your character be the only one on here with that name. If this happens, instead type Whip (Name Here), so that people will know this Whip belongs to someone else.
  4. No Spam
  5. Don't start a hate page or blog entry against someone just because you don't like their character, or because they may have said something about your character.
  6. Remember to properly catogorize your pages.
  7. Keep roleplays either on your characters talk page, or on your own talk page.
  8. Recolors are okay but try to make them original at least. And Mary-sues will not be tolerated.


If your just here to check out some Fan Characters. Then why not try one of these pages?





How you can help~!Edit

  • Spread of the word/link of course. We want as many fans and roleplays as possible.
  • We want a Panty and Stocking like background that will look nice. (be it related to the series, or something that would fit the style.) Anyone who makes a nice one that works well will be given "official 2nd admin" Status :3
  • Add articles and have fun of course!