Manty pro




?? (Looks 18)

Manty is another member of the Domino crew.


He was sent down, like Babypop and her sisters. He broke his Rependant when he was attracted to a handsome guy. He was also always grabbed by Boxer, by almost anywhere. Because of his feminine nature, like Kimono, many gay guys fall for him, including straight guys whom mistakenly think he's a girl. He sometimes, or often sleep with guys that he like, and sometimes with Boxer. He is also the main fanservice in the group, along with Babypop and Kimono. He is sometimes a bit uncomfortable having revealing clothes, but he got used to it like Kimono. When he attended high school, many boys mistaken him as a girl but many girls knew he was a boy and usually talk about his bishieness.


His weapon is a whip called the Love-Me Whip, by transforming his "manties".


Manty is your typical bishonen, shy, good-natured, out-going, always harassed by men (mostly Boxer), feminine but however a pacifist. His voice is calm and sometimes soft, however he argues on why he is the main fanservice.


  • Pleasure
  • Loose clothing
  • Art
  • Strawberries
  • Guys
  • Ice cream
  • Sometimes being in a skirt


  • Being harassed


He has long and luxurious black-bluish hair, which is temptingly grabbable for some guys, but it's in a hairbow, blue eyes, an uke like body and he has very expressive lips.. His normal wear are charmingly casual, a long loose puffy-sleeved green shirt, tan pants, and grey shoes. His outfits always display his lean and muscular body.


  • His favorite flower is a rose.