Kimono is another member of Babypop's team. His color scheme is lavender and dark purple.


He is another addition to Babypop's team, or the Domino crew. He was naturally kicked out like Boxer, because he had a potty mouth, was lazy of his duties and mostly his vanity. After this, he found the Domino sisters and became a part of their team. He suddenly became obssessed with his beauty, and he also wears revealing clothes and kimonos, just to attract the men of course. He loves to toy around with his "toys", but Babypop thinks he's too obsessed. He despises his demon counterpart, G-String because he thinks that he has more beauty than Kimono does, like he one time said this quote when he thought about G-String: "F*** you! F*** you! F*** you! F*** you! F*** YOUUUUU!!!!! ".


He has two swords like Stocking and Babydoll called "Rose Bladers", it transforms from his japanese thong and not his kimono, ironicly. He is great at sword-fighting and he is good with combat and defense. His speed is quicker than a blink of an eye.


He has short dark-violet hair, which are sometimes wind-blown, a not-too-muscular-and-uke-like body, he has mysterious yet seductive violet eyes and red and yellow eyelashes on his left eye. He has a rather youthful face. His comfortable and revealing outfits are designed to deliberately show off his feminine build.

His kimonos are artistic, he has a preference for red by his main attire. But for schoolwear, he wears a loose white shirt with a blue plaid tie and brown pants with the leggings rolled up to his ankles.

For the beach, he wears skimpy swimwear that has a rose print on it.

And for sleepwear, he wears a loose white kimono that reveals his legs and chest.


He is very feminine, carefree, naughty, flamboyant, somewhat childish and narcissistic but he is loyal and passionate. He also has appeal, so he flirts with and seduces men by sometimes showing his legs or some parts of his body. And he is clearly vain. He claims that he couldn't help being the fanservice to the "homo" boys.


  • Men
  • His beauty
  • Sushi
  • Teriyaki
  • Ramen


  • People who are more beautiful than him.
  • G-String


  • He is based off of a Bleach character.
  • His transformation theme is "Peacock" by Katy Perry.