Sweetpea, Babypop

Voice Actor

Ikue Otani

Candy is Sweetpea, Babypop and Babydoll's zipper-pet. She has three forms: she turns into a sphinx, a beautiful yet kick-a** angel, or rose woman.


It is curious yet it is mischevious and animated. She often hangs around with Sweetpea. She sometimes get lost because of her curiousity for things, which will sometimes filp Sweetpea out. Candy will play with Chuck sometimes, but it often fights with it's counterpart, Chaos, Wildbrat's zipper pet. It does react in a lovestruck way when it sees cute boys or male cats, so it often pulls down guys' pants. And like Chuck, she is often used as a sort of mail box by Heaven. Despite their friendship, Candy does get pissed and scratches or kicks Chuck if he tries to hump her. She doesn't talk, but she did almost called Sweetpea's name as "Sweepee" when she went missing in "Cat-nap Crazy".


It is a white zipper cat, with a pink ribbon and yellow eyes.

Upgrade modeEdit

Candy transforms into an angel with an appearance of a beautiful blonde haired woman. She has eight wings, a white suit that reveals all of her left leg, stomach, and her chest that almost reveals her breasts. Half of her face is covered so all you can see is her mouth.


When Candy gets pissed, she transforms into a Rose hybrid woman. She still has blonde hair, big breasts and her face is still covered. Her stomach and chest are still revealed, despite wearing a full white suit. Her boots are black and her suit is wrapped around by a thorny vine and uses her vines to attack and slash her oppenents.


  • Her upgrade forms are based on Angewomon and Rosemon from Digimon.