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The Domino Crew


Two Guns (Love-Me Shooters)

Boxer is an angel, and he is also Panty's cousin, who got kicked out of heaven as well because he flirted with a male angel and he needs Babypop's help.


Like his cousin, Boxer was kicked out of heaven for his curiousity of flirting with a male angel. He finds Babypop and her crew in Daten City, and gives the idea of naming their team, "The Domino Gang", but Babypop changes this later to "Domino Crew".

Babypop thinks that both Boxer and Panty are "Sex Maniacs".


Like his cousin, he has two guns called the "Love-Me Shooters" which they transform from his boxers, of course. His shooting aims are mostly perfect, indicating that he trains a lot in Heaven. He is very athletic and skilled at fighting, which makes him powerful like Babypop and the rest of the crew.


He is a very handsome angel. He has blond short hair, his naughty and seductive eyes are deep blue and he is well-bulit and muscular. His attire is a orange sleeveless shirt with a blue jacket and jeans, which it is charmingly casual and fashionable. His (and Kimono's and Manty's) lips look kissable.


Like his cousin, he craves for pleasure into both males and females, he does have a potty mouth and is very seductive. He loves to harass Manty around. And it seems he has a crush on Babypop, because of his protective and caring side, usually he expresses it by grabbing her boobs or her a**, plus they did sleep together. He sometimes dislikes being bossed around and says "F*** your s***!", plus he is clearly rude.


  • Males
  • Females
  • Harassing Manty
  • Pleasure/Sex
  • Babypop
  • Chinese food
  • Flirting with guys and girls


  • Valentine harassing Babypop
  • Spicy food
  • Cross flirting with Babypop
  • Any guy harassing Babypop


  • It is unknown if Boxer and Cross have a rivalry, because of their crush for Babypop. Rumors say they do.
  • His favorite color is blue and red.