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Babydoll is the oldest sister of the Domino sisters. Like her sisters, she is an apperentice of God, until she was sent down and broke her Rependant.


Being the oldest sister, Babydoll is a trained angel for both combat and being an apperentice. When her and her sisters where sent to Daten City to help out, she bumps into a woman who tells her to boost her appeal by flirting with guys and wear revealing clothes. She becomes mischevious, flirty and lazy, plus her Rependant breaks, thus she can't return to heaven unless she collects Heaven Coins. She also becomes into yaoi like Sweetpea and possibly Babypop, so this makes her a fangirl. Babydoll sometimes tries to sweet talk her mother out of the girls' unholy actions, but as always, their mother doesn't buy it.

She loves to party and make out with guys, which always concerns Babypop and her mother. She also likes to poke fun of Sweetpea and Babypop's breasts.


Her weapons are two swords (kantanas), she calls them the "Holy Slashers". She activates them by using her cross pendant that is hidden in her breasts.


She has long wavy dark red hair, dark brown eyes like her sisters, large breasts (bigger than Babypop), and dark-skinned. Her attire is a loose white buttoned shirt that almost reveals her breasts, a brown skirt and matching brown shoes that looks similar to Panty's.


Unlike her sisters, she is loud, out-going, flirty and eccentric. Being the loose and carefree one, she is pretty much immature, despite being the oldest. Despite this, she is protective over her sisters. She is almost like Panty, because of her behavior, plus they are also friends. She nicknames Babypop "B-Pop" sometimes.


  • Yaoi
  • Guys
  • Sleeping
  • Being lazy
  • Partying
  • Teasing Babypop and Sweetpea's breasts


  • Working hard
  • Losing


  • She is also based on a Bleach character. Which would explain she has the same english voice actor (if she did).
  • Her transformation theme is "Where Them Girls At?" by David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj.